November is Picture Book Month!

Did you know that picture books are powerful?

Crozer Library values the power and importance of picture books, in fact, we have rewritten our mission statement to emphasize the importance of supporting research-based reading instruction for the youth population in the city of Chester. Therefore, we look forward to celebrating National Picture Book Month this November!

For young readers, picture books are an important part of learning to read. Picture books–particularly diverse and inclusive picture books–are the building blocks of literacy, language skills, visual thinking, positive and accurate representations of races and cultures, dialogic reading/engagement, and, most importantly, they spark curiosity and inspire a love of reading. For young children to succeed, it is critical that they enjoy educational activities, and picture books are a gateway to reading success, school readiness, and to becoming lifelong learners and readers!

To honor this literacy initiative, the library will showcase diverse print picture books at the library and on our website. We will also provide tips and strategies on how you can help increase your little one’s reading skills development and school readiness.

What is dialogic reading and why is it important? Check out this article to learn more about effective ways to read aloud with young children.

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