Teen Art Contest Winner

Congratulations to Numa Rashid, the J. Lewis Crozer Library winner of the Delaware County Libraries Teen Art Contest.  Numa, a junior at Archbishop John Carroll High School, is a local library winner with her submission, “Toucan Waiter.”  Having been creating art for as long as she can remember, Numa plans on attending a four-year college/university and majoring in art.  Her mother has been influential in helping her develop as an artist:  “She always encourages me and finds new programs and classes that I can attend in order to improve my art skills,” noted Numa.  For her submission in the Teen Art Contest, Numa did not want to do something ordinary, but something extraordinary and imaginative:  “I was inspired by the movie Rio and its colorful cast of birds, so I sketched out concepts for an exotic restaurant for the birds.”  Numa’s piece, “Toucan Waiter,” features an iconic tropical bird, the toucan, as the subject. 

As the local library winner, Numa received a set of pastels and tickets to Longwood Gardens.  Her art is on display at Story Walk in Rose Tree Park and at Delaware County Libraries website.  Furthermore, Numa’s submission has been entered in the county-wide contest. The winner will be chosen by popular vote, so click here to vote for Numa’s “Toucan Waiter.” Voting is open from March 22nd through March 30th.