Young Poets of Delaware County Poetry Contest 2021Winner

Congratulations to Nalia Diaz, a 7th grade winner in the 2021 Young Poets of Delaware County Poetry Contest. Nalia attends Chester Community Charter School and the Out-of-School-Time program at Chester Eastside. One of her favorite activities is traveling with her family to places such as New York and Maryland to visit family. She likes to make jewelry, to paint and draw, to read books, and to write poetry. Nalia plans to become a doctor and would like to write a book. She was inspired to write “Together, We’ll Rise,” for people who are losing hope at any time, but especially when coronavirus caused people like her family to adapt to the new normal. Nalia wants to encourage people never to give up hope no matter what their situation.

Together, We’ll Rise

Today might knock us down

Push us to the ground

But, like butterflies

We’ll rise.

The coronavirus might be in our way

Turning us weaker everyday

Hope may have not yet been found

But that doesn’t mean it’s not around

It’s in you at all times

It’s just that you can’t see it fine

You can’t do anything alone

No one can do it on their own.

For starters

Look at the doctors

They are caring for patients

Not themselves

Despite the damages

Despite the challenges

They still stand

Like a hard-solid bronze statue,

Like statues, they need to be polished

Friends like us wipe their bruises away

We cheer them on

Because our hope for them is never gone

Our cheering helps them shine like a gem

So they see we are here for them.

We may not have our normal lives

But we have something powerful

And no one can take it away

Not the virus

Not bosses

Not bad leaders

Not fears

Not racism

Not stress’s mess

Not quarantine

Not tears

Not problems

Not toxins

Not bullies

Not this dreadful year,

It’s us.

We are connected

Like tree branches

And together,

We’ll rise.

Life won’t look perfect

But that doesn’t mean

Life is ugly

No one

Can face their problems alone







Whether we see it or not

Whether we hear it or not

Whether we feel it or not

Together, we’ll rise.

We will never surrender to evilness

We will strive for what is right

Once a problem shows its hideous head





                      Together                      like parakeets

                 We will fly in harmony, stick together like glue

          our smooth wings will never separate from us, we won’t stop

         We’ll be together, when fear doesn’t budge, or when darkness

                 Grabs us, our white bird selves will fly for eternity.  

                                 Together,  we’ll rise.

The Poetry Contest is sponsored by the Mad Poets Society, Delaware County Libraries, Keystone State Literacy Association: Delaware County, Rose Tree Media Optimist Club, Pennsylvania Poetry Society and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.