MLK in Chester

In The Seminarian:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Comes of Age, Patrick Parr focuses on the formative years that King spent at Crozer Theological Seminary and Calvary Baptist Church in Chester, PA.  Parr traces the influence of King’s seminary courses and his preaching at various churches in Chester and the Greater Philadelphia area on his subsequent ministry and leadership in the Civil Rights movement.  As Parr noted during the January 18, 2021 J. Lewis Crozer Library program, much research still needs to be done.  He invited the public to aid him in this endeavor.

This webpage shares a bit of the material found in The Seminarian.  It also provides you a place to add to that research by sharing what you and your family members may know about Crozer Theological Seminary and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s time there.  Please fill in the form below if you would like to be contacted by the Library staff or Mr. Parr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a student at Crozer Theological Seminary from 1948-1951.

As a seminary student and under the tutelage of Rev. J. Pius Barbour of Calvary Baptist Church, Martin Luther King, Jr. honed his preaching skills in front of several congregations in Chester.

I am convinced that for men who love the risks of faith and the divine adventure,… the ministry presents the noblest and most rewarding of careers. …Nothing is to be gained by making the entrance into the ministry easy.

— Martin Luther King, Jr. from “Dr. King’s Notes on Ministry”

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