Mission Statement

The mission of the J. Lewis Crozer Library is to provide equal access to information for all, ensure understanding of relevant community needs in the city of Chester and beyond, and to foster lifelong learning, empowerment and success for all ages. The library actively supports schools and collaborates with other partners to enhance learning and to promote reading education within the community we serve.

Vision Statement

The J. Lewis Crozer Library will be a model among public libraries and nonprofit organizations, as an essential component of life in the Chester community, reflecting innovation in a dynamic environment. The library will epitomize an inviting and welcoming space that fosters a sense of the best of the traditional and 21st Century roles of libraries as leaders in promoting access to information and fostering learning and social and civic engagement.

We proactively represent diversity in our collections and in the perspectives represented among library staff and measure the library’s success by understanding community needs and providing the highest level of service to all patrons.

Staff Directory

Mark Winston, Ph. D.
Executive Director
Joann Simone
Assistant Director & Head of Circulation
Elizabeth Sunny Blake
Head of Technical Services
Germaine Lewis
Technical Services Assistant
Catherine Moore
Lead Library Assistant
Joshua Keiner
Education Coordinator
Bernadette Walker
Circulation Assistant
Lavar Johnson, Jr.
Circulation Assistant

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Board of Directors

Carol Foster-Allen
Board President
Joseph J. Saunders
Board Vice President
Anthony Mitchell
Board Treasurer
Yvette M. Rogers, Esquire
Board Secretary
Matthew H. Allen
Roscoe Green
Bethanne Harris
Kathleen Hornberger, Ph. D.
Willie M. Wells
Mark H. Vacha